Lời bài hát Alice (Extended Version)

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Cảm âm Buồn của anh

Trippin’ out
Spinnin’ around
I’m underground
I fell down
Yeah, I fell down

I’m freakin’ out
Where am I now?
Upside down
And I can’t stop it now
It can’t stop me now

[Chorus :]
I… I’ll get by
I… I’ll Survive
When the world’s crashin’ down
When I Fall and hit the ground
I will turn myself around
Don’t you try to stop me
I… I won’t cry

I’ll play the game
But I can’t stay
I’ve got my head on straight
And I’m not gonna change
I’m not gonna change

I’ll win the race
Keep up with the pace
Today’s the day
That I start to pray
You can’t get in my way

[Cho rus:]

I found myself [myself]
In Wonderland
Get back on [back on]
My feet again
Is this real? [this real]
Is this pretend?
I’ll Take a stand [a stand]
Until the end

[Chorus] [2x]

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