Lời bài hát Beast Is The B2ST

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Cảm âm Buồn của anh

Yeah it’s time for some action
The first step attention plz drop the beat
I’m the joker did your hearmy name
The people that usad to chase me are all the way back there.
I don’t care about that difference.
(What you say) I’m still rappin
Th-th-th-th-t hat okay.Look at me now.replay
B-b-b-b- bump in let’s go let’s jump
Ma style that’s never been felt before
It’s real real real real baby show me what you got
(We are beast)come on come on hey,come to me
(It’s the best)come on come on hey,I’II show you
(We are best)come on come on hey,so you can’t escape
(It’s the best)come on come on hey,I’II show you
The melody that we trap you
Can you hear my breath?They all adore me
Now I will(take it)show you everything
Beast is the best,time to fly.

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