Lời bài hát Fix It For You

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Cảm âm Buồn của anh

It’s always like this, always the same
Roll back and forth in the middle of the night
With you in my head, all the time
Won’t you just go away and leave me tonight
The dreams that I have are fairy tales
Us in a scene when we never have to act
The feelings I get when I look at you
It lights me up and make my life right

I need you to be mind
I’ll fix it for you, bring the sun to you
I’ll never leave your side
So now won’t you take my hand and dance tonight

You walk through that door with your messy hair
It’s like the world just stopped and I had to stare
The feelings I get it’s driving me crazy
I don’t know how to try and tell you that

The hurt and pain you have been through
I have the strength to keep them away from you
I know that time will let you see
That I belong to you

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