Lời bài hát Gave It All Away

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Cảm âm Buồn của anh

Will learn to live before I die
Will learn to love, and learn to try (learn to try)
Not to give it all away (give it all away)

Maybe the one that’s meant for me
Or for the man that I used to be (used to be)
Till I gave it all away

Why y y I lay my love down on the floor
I showed you love, you wanted more re re
But I gave it all away (cry y y y cry y y y)

You taught me to see the better truth
About yourself but about me to
I was stupid over you
What could I do?

Chorus x 2

Some people wait a lifetime for a chance like this
I’ve waited enough
Baby, no, I won’t let you go
I’m sick of tears and being fierce

(I won’t let go of you, I won’t let go of you, of you, of you x2 )

Chorus x 2

There’s nothing left to take (cry y y y cry y y y)
I gave it all away…

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