Lời bài hát Masquerade

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Cảm âm Buồn của anh

Listen up
This aint so ironic
Smoking mirrors, lights and magic
Peoples faces and gold
Theres soldier boys, beauty queens
Everyones a mystery
Its like were losing control

Yearning Im yearning
Put the wonder dust in my eyes
Gonna play in this game of disguise

Its a masquerade
A love parade
So wont you stay
And dance with me
All through the light of day
My masquerade
I need you baby
Stay with me tonight
Masquerade (8x)

Just like a perfect dream
I dont ever wanna leave
A thousand freaks in a show
Ones a tiger
Ones a lynx
Ones the king of suffering
Oh and I move below

Burning Im burning
Cant you see it in my eyes
Wanna play in this game of disguise


I gotta know
That girl behind the mask
Let me in
Where youve been
Dont pretend
Dont gotta hide no
Show your face to me
We could be

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