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Lời bài hát My Baby You

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Lời bài hát My Baby You

Lời bài hát My Baby You

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Ca sĩ: Đàm Vĩnh Hưng
Sáng tác: Nhạc Ngoại Lời Việt
Album: Hưng

As I look into your eyes
I see all the reason why ?
My life’s north a thousand skies
You’re the simpless love I’Ve know
You’re never be alone
My baby You
Are the reason I cuold fly
And cause of You
I don’t have to wonder why ?
Baby You
There’s no more just getting by
You’re the reason i feel so alive
Though there wuolds i say are true
They still fail to capture you
As mere words can only do
How do I explain that smile
And how it’s turn my words aruond
Keeping my feet on around
Oh! I will sooth you if you fall
I’ll be ringht there if you call
You’re the greatest love of all
Ar wanna I feel so alive ..

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