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Lời bài hát Hoot

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Lời bài hát Hoot

Lời bài hát Hoot

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Ca sĩ: SNSD

Album: Hoot

Nun kkamppakal sa i neon tto Check it Out~!
Jinaganeun yeojadeul keuman jom bwa
Anin cheok motdeureun cheok gasi bakin ko useum isanghae da da da

Jogeumman naege chinjeoramyeon eottae
Muttukttukan maltu neomu apa nan
Ireon ge iksokaejyeo ganeun geon jeongmal shireo soksanghae da da da

Eodil chyeodabwa nan yeogi itneunde

* Neo ttaemune nae ma eumeun gapot ipgo ijen naega matseojulke
Ni hwasareun Trouble! Trouble! Trouble! Nareul noryeosseo
Neoneun Shoot! Shoot! Shoot! Naneun Hoot! Hoot! Hoot!

# Dogi bae in ni mare na sangcheo ipgodo dasi jun du beonjjae Chance
Neon yeoksi Trouble! Trouble! Trouble! Ttaereul noryeosseo
Neoneun Shoot! Shoot! Shoot! Naneun Hoot! Hoot! Hoot!

Dareun yeojaui hamjeonge puk ppajyeotdani
Byeonmyeong kkeut neon ajikdo jeongsin mot charigo itji
Keu taedoro jo eun yeoja mot mannalgeoda yeongwonhi neon neon neon

Chakgakmara neon kyupideuga anya (neo malya)

Repeat *#

Mulsogeseo tteuryeomyeon gara ange
Naega mandeun Circle neoneun gakjige
Mutji aneun mare daedapman tto hae
Keuraedo nan neocheoreom hwasareun an ssulge

Repeat *#

====ENG TRANS====

The moment I blink
Again, you check it out
Stop staring at the girls passing by
Acting like you’re not, like you didn’t hear
That snort with a thorn stuck in it
All, all, all of it is weird

How about being a little more nice to me?
Your abrupt speech hurts so much
I really don’t like
Becoming used to it
All, all, all of it is disappointing

Where are you looking?
I’m right here

* Because of you, my heart wears an armor
Now I’ll fight back
Your arrow is trouble, trouble, trouble
It aimed at me
You shoot, shoot, shoot
I hoot, hoot, hoot

# I’m scarred by your words soaked in poison
I gave you a second chance
You’re definitely trouble, trouble, trouble
You waited for the right time
You shoot, shoot, shoot
I hoot, hoot, hoot

I heard you fell deeply into another girl’s trap?
End of excuses! You still can’t come to your sense, can you?
You won’t meet a good girl with that attitude
You, you, you, forever

Don’t be mistaken. You’re not cupid (You are)

Repeat *#

If you try to float on water, I’ll make you sink
In the circle I made, you’re a square
You just answer questions again that I didn’t even ask
But I still won’t shoot an arrow like you did

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